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Letter from the Co-CEO, Lynette Lim

A Pause

Dear friends, I am not sure about you, but sometimes I feel like I am an actor in a play where I am acting from one scene to another, but not knowing when the play ends because I have not read the whole script.

ASX - Equity Derivatives Updates


Strong SPI volumes led equity derivative markets in September increasing by 15% compared with last year.

We had a record day with 666,674 SPI contracts traded on Tuesday the 18th thanks to large roll activity.

Seize On Volatility – Timely Launch of HSI/HSCEI Total Return Index Futures

Hang Seng Index (HSI) and Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) Total Return Index (TRI) Futures contracts are slated to launch on 5 November at the HKEX, providing investors with more choices to implement hedging or directional trading strategies in an increasingly volatile market. Contracts are available on both gross TRI and net TRI (after dividend tax) bases. In addition to low margin requirements, benefits of the new offerings include exemption of commission levy for the first six months of trading and position limit netting.

SGX Market Updates


  • Industrials were amongst Singapore’s three best performing Sectors in September. The 10 largest capitalised Industrial stocks averaged a 7.1% total return for the month, and followed with 1.2% average gains for the first two sessions of October.


FX Options Volatility Set to Rise as Currencies Wobble?

The calm in currency options despite the political headwinds in Europe, from Brexit to Merkel’s shaky coalition and Italy’s left-right government could be stirred into heighted volatility by the weakening of emerging market currencies from China to Brazil and Russia. CME Group Senior Economist, Erik Norland explores how FX options could react in emerging market currencies.

Trading Asia Workshop - Psychology of Trading

Workshop Summary

Written by Joseph Banyai, Sales at Phillip Capital Inc.

The Psychology of Trading workshop took a deep dive into improving one’s mental focus through mindfulness and meditation.
With scientific evidence backing his claims, Russ Rausch from Vision Pursue discussed two main points:
1.    Your brain, like a muscle, can be trained to improve focus.

The Market Corner: the month in review

Have a drink on me

Filippo Lecchini

Wine futures are not quite like the futures contracts you know. The main reason why they exist is allowing customers to buy in advance at a lower price, the payment is upfront, high end wines before they are bottled. From the point of view of the producers is a way to eliminate exposure to price fluctuations, at least partially, and generate revenues in advance of the release date.



ICE U.S. Dollar Index Futures & CME Gold Futures

Jeff Gilfillan


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