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Phillip Capital Inc. (“PhillipCapital”) is a FINRA-regulated Broker Dealer and OCC member, currently registered with the SEC and in Illinois.




We provide broker dealer clearing services, including clearing and settlement for US listed securities, US corporate and government debt, and options on US securities.


As one of the very few Asian based financial institutions to have the ability to clear US securities directly, we believe we are very well positioned to offer our US domiciled and Asian based clients access to US markets and beyond.


PhillipCapital is an affiliate of the PhillipCapital Group of companies, with operations in 16 countries and membership on worldwide securities exchanges, including:


Countries Exchanges
Australia ASX (Australia)
Cambodia Bursa Malaysia
China CSE (Sri Lanka)
France FWB (Germany)
Hong Kong HKEX (Hong Kong)
India IDX (Indonesia)
Indonesia ISE (Turkey)
Japan LSE (UK)
Malaysia PSE (Phillippines)
Singapore SET (Thailand)
Sri Lanka SGX (Singapore Exchange)
Thailand SSE (China A/B-shares)
Turkey TSE (Japan)
UAE TWSE (Taiwan)
UK LSE (London)

Broker Dealer

PhillipCapital is focused on growing our broker dealer to incorporate and exceed the expectations of our clients with hard work and integrity. We do not believe in quick solutions or workarounds – we believe in solutions that work for all parties.

Empowering our clients and enabling them to trade with confidence and in line with their values is a core belief of PhillipCapital.