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CHART VIEW – Gold Futures by Jeff Gilfillan

The latest “Chart View” post on October 29 2018 stressed patience and an indication the gold market may be susceptible to short-term washouts lower. The futures market did washout twice and very close to our areas we discussed. Further we projected there was enough value to make a run to 1300 in the CME Group COMEX Gold futures contract. 

CME: Market Volatility: Headwinds, from Trade War to Rates, in 2019?

Volatility in 2019 could be shaped to a large extent by major policy changes that influenced markets this year, from the still unresolved trade war with China, aluminum and steel tariffs, the fading benefits of the corporate tax cuts and possible lag effects of the Fed’s multiple rate hikes.


  • Corporate tax cuts could make for tough earnings growth comparisons in 2019

  • Could economic impact of Fed hikes show up in 2019 as yield curve flattens?

HKEX: Momentum in Single Stock Futures Continues Into the New Year

Despite a volatile market in 2018, Single Stock Futures had a record year with their Average Daily Volume (ADV) reaching 3,508 contracts, representing an increase of 613% from a year earlier. The strong momentum persisted into 2019 with the ADV for the first five trading days reaching 5,138 contracts. Single Stock Futures have been providing investors with a low-cost channel to gain leveraged exposures. HKEX currently offers 78 Single Stock Future contracts including three A-share ETFs futures contracts.


是的,这正是我在2019年的第一天选择做的事情:在离芝加哥几个小时之外的Chestnut Mountain Resort滑雪。值得庆幸的是,尽管可笑, 我现还是得到了一些好处。虽然我带回家的不仅仅是受伤的自尊心,还有身体上的伤痕,我还带回了一些人生课程与你分享。

Life Lessons I learned when I tried Snowboarding

Dear Friends,  

Picture this: a forty-something, slightly overweight, Asian woman from the tropics snowboarding for the first time in her life. 

Not a pretty sight, right?  

Yes, that is precisely what I chose to do on the first day of 2019:  to snowboard at Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena, a couple hours away from Chicago. Thankfully, I can now laugh about this experience with the benefit of hindsight. While I took home not just a bruised ego but also physical bruises, I also took home so me life lessons that I will share with you.

THE 2018 P List (Holiday Special Edition)

Gift Ideas For the Traders in Your Life

You may be familiar with Oprah’s “The O List”. Well, below is PhillipCapital’s version: 


In the old days, you could spot traders miles away from the bright colorful coded jackets they wore; but now traders come in all shapes and forms- and not one size fits all.  This makes buying a gift for the trader in your life tricky. So here are some gift ideas for you.  As a bonus, we have also two versions of each gift according to budget. These gifts are bound to delight you or the traders in your life!

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