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The Market Corner: the month in review

By Filippo Lecchini

Crypto Currencies

Earlier in the year we discussed Bitcoin and the technology behind it, Blockchain. Even though September brought some selloffs, possibly a correction, 2017 has been a huge year for crypto currencies and digital money, with a rally in the neighborhood of 300% for BTC (that is Bitcoin’s ticker which you can search using BTC or BTCUSD on any website like Google or Yahoo Finance, among others).

CME Group: Trading COMEX Gold and Silver

By CME Group

Gold and silver outright futures, spread trades between the two, and gold options, are among the most popular commodities trades that retail investors participate in. This article outlines Gold liquidity during Asian hours, cross-exchange trading of gold futures, arbitrage opportunity in back months, and more. Download report to learn more.

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Recap of CBOE RMC Europe

By CBOE Holdings

Three times a year CBOE hosts a variety of derivative and volatility market participants at a CBOE Risk Management Conference (RMC).  In the United States, the 32nd Annual RMC was held in California back in March.  This past month the 6th Annual RMC Europe occurred just outside of London with over 220 participants spending three days discussing equity market derivatives and all types of volatility markets.  Each year there are a few themes that seem to be hotter topics of conversation, usually as a reflection of the current market environment.  A few that stood ou

Primary Equity Connect – the next step in the mutual market program?



Summary: With the launch of the Shanghai Connect in November 2014 and the Shenzhen Connect in December 2016, the Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Market was born .Today, the mutual market platform is limited to secondary equity market trading and both Chinese and international investors are barred from the primary equity market on the other side. Depriving investors of investment opportunities from initial public offers (IPO) across the border and hinders the pooling of liquidity in the Mutual Market to support its function in fund raising.


Celebrating 1st anniversary of TSE Mothers Futures

By Osaka Exchange - JPX


It is one year since TSE Mothers Index Futures (TSE Mothers Futures) were introduced in July 2016. TSE Mothers Futures were launched along with the launch of OSE’s New J-GATE trading platform. Recently due to an ever increasing interest from both domestic and international users, the trading volume of TSE Mothers Futures is steadily increasing and marked new record highs.


TSE Mothers Futures trading volume

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