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亲爱的朋友们, 当你忙碌的时候,时间总是过得很快。我们辉立度过了一个忙碌的六月。我们准备在今年秋季将公司搬到更宽敞的办公室,我们寻找新办公地点的任务也终于告一段落。然而设计办公室的乐趣才刚刚开始。

CHART VIEW – Crude Oil Futures by Jeff Gilfillan

NYMEX WTI Crude futures front month contract


Front month CME Group NYMEX Crude Oil futures reached a 3 ½ year high of 72.83 on May 22nd. The post financial crisis 50% front month level of 70.44 was temporarily breached in early May and lasted about 3 weeks before retreating into the mid-60s.


It's the details that matter.

Dear Friends,

Time always flies when you are busy, and it has been a very busy month for us at Phillip.  We are moving to a larger office in Fall and while the search for office space is over, the designing fun has just begun.

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