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Access Three Part Educational Series on Bitcoin

By: CME Group


Are you looking to understand more about bitcoin and its relation to the futures marketplace? This course is designed for you. Review the basics of bitcoin. Learn more about the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR). And gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoin futures and how market participants can use them to manage bitcoin volatility and risk.


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Chairman of TOCOM New Year Message

In 2017, TOCOM rolled-out numerous initiatives that improved market convenience and grew our market's breadth. In March, we launched the Platinum Rolling Spot contract, which trades without maturity and is similar to the Gold Rolling Spot contract. Retail investors in particular have found the Platinum Rolling Spot contract an appealing investment vehicle and it has quickly become one of the most actively traded contracts at TOCOM.

A Look at the First Three Weeks of Cboe Bitcoin Futures Trading

By Cboe


On December 11, 2017 Cboe Global Markets was the first exchange in the world to list futures based on bitcoin price levels.  As of the end of 2017 we have three weeks of trading activity to look at and so far the price action has been interesting.  We have experienced backwardation and contango with the relative pricing as well as seeing the distribution of volume and open interest being weighted toward the front month (January) contract.








Chart View – Crude Oil Futures

by Jeff Gilfillan


NYMEX WTI Crude futures front month contract has been developing value between $55 and $62 per barrel since the early November breakout from a multi-year range. In November’s Trading Asia Newsletter I mentioned the trade has the potential to trade up to $62 without needing a supply/demand disrupter. I believe the market is doing just that and has the momentum to shakeout weak intermediate term shorts with a break of the mid 2015 front month high at 62.58.


The Market Corner: The Month in Review "It’s cold outside!"

By Filippo Lecchini

It’s cold outside!

The last few weeks and the start of the New Year quickly reminded everyone that volatility in the markets not only comes as a consequence of human decisions, whether is the Government’s policies, trading activity or innovation, but also follows long term cycles not always as predictable as people wish they were.

New Year’s Resolutions

By: Lynette Lim


Dear Friends,

When I was in my 20s and a newbie at investing, a veteran of the financial industry gave me simple but sound advice when I asked about timing stock purchases.  He said “Well, I can’t advise you on a particular stock as I didn’t research it. However, if you buy any stock in December and sell in January, you will make money “.  He further explained “The markets tend to quiet down during the holidays, and in January when people go back to work, they tend to be optimistic about the future and thus the market goes up”.


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