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The Market Corner: the month in review

Written by Filippo Lecchini, Vice President at Phillip Capital  

Coffee with Sugar

Friday August 17th marks a dubious milestone for two of the commodities that many are most familiar with. Sugar and Coffee hit their lowest close since 2008 and 2006, respectively.


上个星期五,我和我的家人-- 丈夫和我们的两个孩子, 一起观看了备受期待的电影超级有钱的亚洲人。这部电影基于Kevin Kwan的书(相同标题,发生在新加坡的一个爱情故事,讲述了一个美国华裔女孩与她同为纽约法学教授的男朋友到新加坡参加婚礼,并且他们是如何处理在这些有钱的中国家庭中发生的闹剧。

Caught between two worlds and why juggling is the best solution

Last Friday, I watched the greatly anticipated “Crazy Rich Asians” with my husband and our two kids in tow. Based on Kevin Kwan’s book of the same title, it is a love story about how Rachel Chu, a Chinese American girl accompanies her boyfriend, both professors in New York, to a wedding in Singapore and deals with all the drama that happens in wealthy Chinese families.

ASX Equity Derivatives

June 2018 Options and Futures Statistics

Top 10 Call and Put Options Contracts



NOTE: The charts above show the number of contracts bought and sold by non-market-making participants in the top 10 underlying securities


SGX Monthly Newsletter

SGX FX Futures ended H1 2018 on a record high with over 1.84 million contracts in June


§ Aggregate SGX FX Futures volume exceeded 1.84 million contracts in June

§ Total FX Futures notional volume in June crossed US$ 84 billion; YTD volume at US$ 385 billion up 132% y-o-y

CHART VIEW – Gold Futures

Written by Jeff Gilfillan


CME COMEX Gold futures failed to breakout of its consolidated strong value range in place since 2013 despite a sustained effort through the 1st and a good part of the second quarter of 2018. This range visible on the monthly continuation chart below spans from roughly 1212 to 1350 in front month gold futures. From a technical perspective this discounts the strength of support at recent 1210 level.

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