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来自总裁林美娟的一封信 失去的也可以成为你的收获—来自柬埔寨的经验




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10 April 2018


SGX ends Q1 CY2018 with over 3.6 million contracts for FX futures; 89% y-o-y growth


New: Energy Market Insights by Jeff White

Access our latest video to gain the energy market insights you need in 3 minutes or less. This latest video covers:

  • Managing risk with liquid intercommodity options
  • Record volume and open interest in WTI-Brent spread options
  • Price volatility in the WTI (CL) vs. Brent (BZ) futures spread


CHART VIEW – Interest Rates by Jeff Gilfillan

Interest rate futures charts continue to build support following the base set in the aftermath of the early February volatility squeeze. As noted last month, long term support in front-month futures is down at 142’20 and 141’10 (the market hit a low of 142’30 since this newsletter was posted last on 03/21). I indicated targets at 145, 146 and 148. The 148 level is still in play.

The Market Corner: the month in review


By Filippo Lecchini

Chocolate? Yes, please..

One of the untold stories for 2018 so far is the rally in Cocoa prices. At the end of March prices were over 30% higher from the beginning of the year. Granted, this followed a multi years low in December but the volatility in this commodity remains quite remarkable.

What is lost can be also your gain- lessons from Cambodia

By: Lynette Lim


Dear Friends, 

On a recent trip to Singapore for my brother’s wedding, we decided to stop over in Cambodia to visit our Phillip operations and explore the country. It was Cameron’s first visit to Cambodia and my second. I had travelled to Cambodia-  Phnom Penh as well as Siem Reap in 2000 on a low budget, backpacking trip with three other friends to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  I was curious to see the changes and upward progress of the country. 

And oh my, how the economy has progressed!

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