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The Market Corner: the month in review

Written by Filippo Lecchini, Vice President at Phillip Capital  

Revisiting Crypto

2017 was undoubtedly the time when cryptocurrencies became part of everyday conversation. Everyone bought in or knew somebody who was investing and had made a big return, not just in Bitcoin but also in Ethereum, Litecoin, and a number of altcoins. 2018 has been a rude awakening so far.

What Does Learning Mean To You?

Written by Lynette Lim, Co-CEO of Phillip Capital Inc.  

Attending an executive MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School can be quite an intense experience. Imagine a room full of intense type A personalities with decades of management and professional experiences under their belt. I sometimes wonder how we managed to get through the program without too much scaring.

Trading and Life Balance

Written by Russ Rausch, Founder of Vision Pursue

One of the biggest struggles for traders is enjoying their personal lives while staying on top of the markets. This can be especially true when trading Asian and other overseas markets.

This issue isn’t only about enjoying life more, it’s about resting and recovering to trade at your best over a long period of time.

The following picture entitled “Why your dog is happier than you” illustrates the problem:

HKEX announces record half-yearly revenue of HK$8.2billion (+32% YoY)

HKEX reached a number of milestones in the first half of the year including strong growth in trading volumes, +67% YoY and +58% YoY in the cash market and futures and options respectively. The first WVR company and pre-revenue Biotech companies under the new regime listed and HKEX reached a consensus with Mainland exchanges on the inclusion of WVR companies in Stock Connect South Bound trading.  And Stock Connect continued to gather momentum after the expansion of the daily quota in May and the inclusion of A-shares in MSCI Emerging Market Index in June.

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