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TOCOM: TOCOM September 2019 Market Summary


TOCOM September Daily Volume Averaged 90,207 Contracts, Down 14.0% M-o-M


 (Tokyo, October 4, 2019 )The Tokyo Commodity Exchange announced today that September 2019 average daily volume was 90,207 contracts, down 14.0% from August and up 10.7% from September 2018. Volume increased for TOCOM’s most active contracts; Platinum Standard rose 43.7% from the prior month to 17,140 and Dubai Crude Oil increased 11.4% to 12,636 contracts. Gold Standard declined 28.9% to 40,468 contracts and Gold Rolling Spot fell 22.7% to 7,159 contracts. 

TOCOM Gold prices remained range-bound in September, trading between 5,122 and 5,304 yen per gram. The move towards impeaching President Trump and the attack on a Saudi Arabian oil plant increased geopolitical risk and led to higher gold prices. Gold Standard hit a record high of 5,304 yen per gram on September 5th. Prices stabilized when the U.S. dollar appreciated after the Federal Open Market Committee decided on the second interest rate cut indicating the rate cuts closing before the end of the year.

TOCOM Dubai Crude Oil prices surged to 43,350 yen per kiloliter before falling to the 37,000 yen level in September. Prices increased significantly after the attack on a Saudi Arabian oil plant temporary disrupted of 5 percent of the world’s oil supply. Production was restored quickly and market sentiment returned to selling into rallies. Larger U.S. crude stockpiles and dollar appreciation held prices in check.

Exchange-wide open interest was 342,482 contracts at month-end, up 1,751 contracts (0.5%) from August 2019.