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Fees & policies may vary for customers of IBs. Please contact your broker for more details.



  • Broker-assisted trades: +$5 above an electronic commission.
  • Commissions does not include exchange & regulatory fees.

Funding Related

All incoming fees Free
Outgoing wires, any currency (incoming no charge)** $25
Returned Wire Fee $25
Outgoing paper checks, standard (Delivery 2 weeks, limit $100,000.00) $4
Return unprocessed deposit check (by request only, otherwise shredded after one month) $4
Bounced checks (deposits) $30
Resend check (stop payment) $25
Transfer between segregated (US) and secured (foreign) Free
ACH (cleared after a minimum of 5 business days, limit $50,000.00)*** Free


Paper trade confirmations & statements $2.5/ea
Replacement trade confirmations & statement $5/ea
Incoming Account Transfers Free
Outgoing account transfers - Partial/Full $25/$50
Deliveries and re-tender (plus costs passed through) $100 flat fee, $10 per contract, $250 cap
Exercise or assignment of options on futures contracts Standard Commission Charge
Currency Conversion Exchange rate marked up, no separate fee


Minimum account size (U.S.-based) $5,000
Minimum account size (Foreign-based) $5,000
Debit/Deficit interest rate**** Fed Funds + 2%
EUR/EU3 >100K EUR LIBOR + .20
CHF/CH3 > 100K SARON + .20
Account Closure Fee up to $100

Checks: When non-bank checks are received the customer is notified and the funds are generally held in suspense for 5 business days until the account is credited.

Due to current events and intermittent mail service disruptions, please note that check delivery might be subject to delays. Please account for extra time when sending checks to Phillip Capital or requesting check withdrawals.


If you have an introducing broker relationship, the fees assessed may be different from the above since they generally define them. PhillipCapital reserves the right to change the rates at any time.


*PhillipCapital reserves the right to substitute an ACH for a check withdrawal at its discretion (no fee will be assessed).


**Bank Details must be on file or payments can be delayed.


****PhillipCapital accrues in interest on a daily basis for each currency and each origin and posts actual interest once a month. Debit interest applies when you have a negative equity and/or margin deficit in a currency and origin; the formula used to calculate debit interest amount is as follows: Debit interest = (equity – IMR) *(debit interest rate/100) * (1/360).

Here are the different fees that are charged per contract based on exchanges and regulatory bodies. Please refer to the below website links.

Fees - Exchanges & Regulators




*Additionally, PhillipCapital passes along all additional fees from the exchanges to customers without markup. Such fees might include (but are not limited to) any applicable custody and drop copy fees.