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PARTNERSHIPS - Introducing Brokers

Phillip Capital recognizes the vital role of relationships in the brokerage business. Our group as a whole serves over a million global customers. Despite technological advances, the human touch remains the cornerstone of successful customer interactions. To enhance customer service, Phillip Capital Inc. works closely and on a personal level with Introducing Brokers (IBs) – whether Guaranteed, Independent, or Foreign.

Our teams for New Accounts, Execution Services, Customer Service, Compliance, Support and Treasury work closely with IBs to swiftly address any issues. Streamlined online applications, tailored application links and APIs for IBs, and an admin login for tracking application progress further facilitate this partnership. Additionally, IBs can monitor customers' trading activities and statements through our dedicated online portal, solidifying the bridge between personal attention and technological convenience.



Here are a few of the advantages you can expect when partnering with Phillip Capital Inc. 

           Seamless movement of accounts through bulk transfers.

           Participation in a competitive and adaptable revenue sharing model.

           Access to more than 25 futures exchanges worldwide for global connectivity.

           Acting as a clearing broker-dealer for partners with multi-asset capabilities.

           Provide an array of authorized trading platforms.

           24/6 global trade desk and technical support.

           Tailored trade reporting options to suit your needs.

           Execution clearing for give-up/give-ins.

           Assistance for deliveries/retenders and EFPS (Exchange for Physicals) transactions.

           Capability to fund accounts in multiple currencies.

           Adaptability in compensating for introducing or referring B2B clients.

Long Term Partnerships

Recognizing Introducing Brokers (IBs) as enduring collaborations, Phillip Capital seeks partners who align with our values, prioritizing customers' well-being and delivering exceptional service.

With our strong financial standing, esteemed reputation, top-notch customer support, and diverse range of offerings, we are the ideal match for your needs. For further details, please connect with us using the contact information below.