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*We are currently accepting GIBs*

PARTNERSHIPS - Introducing Brokers

The PhillipCapital Group serves over a million customers worldwide, so we understand the importance of relationships in the brokerage business. Despite the advances of modern technology, it cannot replace the human touch, which is still the foundation of every successful customer relationship. That is why PhillipCapital partners with Introducing Brokers (Guaranteed, Independent, or Foreign), to better serve the needs of your customers.

Our New Accounts, ETrading, Customer Service and Treasury teams work together closely with our IBs to ensure that any issues that arise are addressed quickly. Customers can open an account quickly using our online application and IBs are given a customized application link to so we can easily identify their customers. IBs can also check on the progress of their customers’ application using an admin login that we provide. After an account is opened, IBs also can check on the status of their customers trading activity and statements on our online portal.

Below are just some of the benefits you'll get when working with PhillipCapital.

  • Competitive rates
  • Quick payout
  • No inactivity fees
  • Easy online account application with customized link for each IB
  • Prompt account opening turnaround (within 24-hours in most cases)
  • Comprehensive portal with access to top-day and historical trade/risk info
  • Access to global markets
  • Allocation accounts
  • Give up accounts
  • Broker equity run
  • Customer daily statement
  • Customer monthly statement
  • Position file
  • Commission & fee report
  • Daily journal file

Long Term Partnerships

As we view IBs as long term partnerships, it is important that PhillipCapital finds IBs who share the same values with a desire to serve the best interest of the customer and provide excellent service.
We believe that given our financial stability, reputation, excellent customer service and broad scope of products and services, we are the right partner for you.
To find out more, please reach out below...