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The Small Exchange: Introduction to Small Precious Metals

Illustration of stacked bars of precious metals in black, gray, silver, and red colors.


Metals markets like gold, silver, and platinum have long represented an asset class distinct from stocks and bonds, and they afford all market participants a distinctive opportunity. Investors can add diversification to their portfolios. Risk managers can add exposure to a flight-to-quality asset in gold. And traders can add new products to their watchlist that may exhibit volatility regardless of where the stock market is.


This source of opportunity, however, is often obscured by trading products that don’t show an accurate picture of metals. Impure exposure from mining stocks like Newmont (NEM) and the ETFs that hold them can create much different results for traders looking to trade the hard commodities themselves.


The Small Exchange aims to meet the need for pure exposure with its Small Precious Metals futures contract (/SPRE). It’s not the first product to track gold, silver, or platinum, but /SPRE has a new take on metals. It combines all three precious metals relative to their production, consumption, and trade volume. This methodology creates a holistic view of the entire asset class, and it ceases the need to choose which market best fits a trader’s idea on metals.


Save Every Time You Trade the Smalls


The Small Exchange has also created a limited number of subscriptions for a one-time payment of $100 that give traders a lifetime of reduced exchange and market data fees when trading the Smalls.


For more information on the Small Exchange’s products and subscription service, visit