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The Small Exchange: Coming December 7th, 2020: Small 10-Year US Treasury Yield Index Futures

The Small Exchange logo with tagline "trade the smalls."

Small 10-Year US Treasury Yield cuts out the complexities of bond pricing and takes traders straight to the yield they know, so they can skip the calculations and just trade interest rates.


Contract Specifications

Price: 8.50

Tick Size: 0.01 ($1)

Hours: 7am - 4pm CT Monday through Friday

Settlement: Cash settled on third Friday of the month at 3pm CT

CQG Index Symbol: X.US.S10YC | CQG Futures Symbol: F.US.S10Ymyy


Fee Holiday

Small Exchange will waive all exchange fees for this product from December 7th through January 31st 2021.


Contact Us

For product questions, email or call 312-500-0355.


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