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CME SONIA Futures Launch October 1, 2018*


CME will launch two new SONIA futures: a Quarterly IMM SONIA contract observing the recommended specifications of the Working Group on Sterling Risk Free Reference Rate; and an innovative MPC SONIA contract based on the meeting dates of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to provide greater precision in hedging between the dates of Central Bank policy meetings.

Why Trade CME SONIA Futures

  • Compounding of final settlement in both contracts aligns with OTC OIS swap conventions
  • Spread trading and day-one margin offsets against SOFR, Eurodollar and Fed Fund futures
  • Complementary to CME quarterly FX futures
  • Benefit from CME Group’s unparalleled electronic distribution and network of FCM/ISV partners


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*Pending regulatory review