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Celebrating 1st anniversary of TSE Mothers Futures

By Osaka Exchange - JPX


It is one year since TSE Mothers Index Futures (TSE Mothers Futures) were introduced in July 2016. TSE Mothers Futures were launched along with the launch of OSE’s New J-GATE trading platform. Recently due to an ever increasing interest from both domestic and international users, the trading volume of TSE Mothers Futures is steadily increasing and marked new record highs.


TSE Mothers Futures trading volume

* Data of August 2017 is as of August 18, 2017

TSE Mothers Futures: A unique product

TSE Mothers Futures are linked to the TSE Mothers Index. TSE Mothers is the start-up companies market listing 240 companies of 4 trillion-yen market cap*. In contrast to TSE 1st section, which makes up the mother market of Nikkei 225 Futures/mini /Options, major investors on TSE Mothers market are retail investors. This is also true for its futures market. Constituents of TSE Mothers Index are completely different from those of Nikkei 225 or TOPIX, and investors are different, hence, TSE Mothers and Nikkei 225/TOPIX are not correlated.
* as of end of June 2017


Investor type by trading volume in 2016


Performance of indices


“TSE Mothers Index Futures are increasingly utilized by investors as a tool for investing in indices whose price movements are different from those of existing Japanese stock indices,” said Hiromi Yamaji, President & CEO, Osaka Exchange.


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