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CME: Q4 2018 Leading Products

The Leading Products Guide gives you a snapshot of CME Group's top futures and options contracts by average daily volume (ADV) and open interest (OI) across Interest Rates, Equity Indices, Foreign Exchange (FX), Agricultural Commodities, Energy and Metals. You'll also find highlights on product launches and global partnership data.


Product Highlights:

Interest Rates | Treasury futures averaged a record 4.7M contracts per day, +40% YoY

• Equity Indices | BTIC on major indices saw record volume in December, with ADV at nearly 57K contracts, or $7.3B notional

• FX | Over $2.6B notional traded in CME FX Link on December 20

• Agriculture | Ag option volume in 2018 was a record 66M contracts, up 9% from 2017

• Energy | Overall Energy futures and options traded a record 3.1M contracts in November 2018

• Metals | Gold options increased 30% to over 11K contracts in December


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