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Here are the facts

Why PhillipCapital

We are financially stable.

  • PhillipCapital is owned by the same individual investors as the PhilipCapital Group which was founded in 1975 in Singapore.
  • The owners are still actively involved in the day to day running of these companies.
  • The PhillipCapital Group has been profitable as a group each year since its founding.
  • The PhillipCapital Group has shareholders' equity exceeding 1.5 Billion USD and has no long-term debt.

We think long term.

  • Being privately owned, we don’t face the same pressure to grow and show profits that a public company does. This means we are able to think long term and do what’s best for both the customer and the company.
  • Unlike most FCMs that use third party back office software, we have developed and own our own futures back office software. This allows us to save on software costs in the long term and not be obligated to external vendors. Owning our own software also allows us to customize reports and statements in a faster and more efficient manner.
  • We started the FCM in 2010, during an extremely competitive environment with low interest rates which provided challenges in terms of profitability. However, with the long term view in mind, we understand the importance of being a self-clearing futures and securities broker so we can strive to reduce the inherent risks for our customers when clearing through additional third parties.

We are growing.

  • The PhillipCapital Group has grown from a single asset class company (stock broking) to a multi asset class financial institution (futures commodities trading, forex exchange, and more.) Some of the more recent growth areas include expansion into insurance in Thailand and banking in Cambodia.
  • In the US, PhillipCapital started out as a FCM in 2010 and in 2016 expanded its services to include securities clearing.
  • Members of the PhillipCapital Group of companies are in 15 countries today with plans to expand to other countries to provide you with more products and services.
  • PhillipCapital is currently exchange members of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE Futures US, CFE, NFX, ICE Futures EU and DME.
  • Collectively, PhillipCapital Group member companies have clearing memberships on all the major Asian futures exchanges including SGX (Singapore), BURSA (Malaysia), HKEx (Hong Kong), TOCOM (Japan), OSE (Japan), ICDX (Indonesia), and TFEX (Thailand).

We are customer focused.

  • We think win-win. Our goal is to treat customers fairly and to ensure that our fees and commissions are competitive. We believe that in doing so, we can establish long lasting relationships with our customers that build sustainable profits for our company.
  • We don’t do any proprietary trading at PhillipCapital. This ensures that both you and the firm's incentives are aligned.
  • We view protecting customer assets as an honor and a tremendous responsibility and have a very conservative treasury policy. In fact, protecting customers’ assets is the primary motivation in becoming a clearing member of the US exchanges.

We connect you to Asian markets with our expertise and infrastructures.

  • In addition to providing access to futures commodities like coffee, wheat, crude oil, soy, corn and gold, we also offer traders the opportunity to trade Asian exchange commodities such as palm oil and rubber.
  • You can leverage the PhillipCapital Group’s infrastructure and linkages to global exchanges for fast access and competitive rates.
  • We provide research from more than 60 research analysts across our PhillipCapital Group network.