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Retail trading is very important to us. Globally, the PhillipCapital Group has more than 1 million customers. In the US PhillipCapital welcomes account types of all sizes, with a minimum deposit of $5,000* for US accounts and $5,000 for non-US accounts. At PhillipCapital, we do not do any proprietary trading. We are simply focused on customer business.


The PhillipCapital Group has been around since 1975, and we began operating in the US in 2010. As a US entity regulated by the CFTC, NFA and CME, we welcome you to check our compliance record. Whether you come to us as a direct customer or through our IB network, PhillipCapital is here to serve your needs. We truly want to be your partner in finance.


* $5,000 minimum applies to US residents; $5,000 minimum applies to non-US residents.