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proprietary trading

PhillipCapital has advanced capabilities to serve prop traders and high frequency trading firms (HFT) with a wide range of global clearing, execution and financing services.


Exchange Access

In addition to being clearing members of US exchanges, we offer access to more than 30 exchanges worldwide through our affiliate member companies of the PhillipCapital Group and carry brokers. Altogether the PhillipCapital Group of companies have direct clearing relationships with 26 exchanges and provides access to additional exchanges via our carry broker relationships.

Exchange Seat Membership

Traders who place a high volume of trades may consider leasing or purchasing a membership with the exchange to get reduced exchange fees to lower your investing costs. We can assist with the membership application, coordinating with the exchange and obtaining seat leases. As your clearing firm, PhillipCapital would also be guaranteeing your membership application and can coordinate leases payments from your trading account and keep track of lease expiration and renewals so you can focus on trading.