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Commodity Trading Advisors

PhillipCapital is pleased to work with a select group of Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), hedge fund managers and discretionary traders alongside our extensive Introducing Broker (IB) network. We currently cater to the following types of accounts:

  • Managed/Letter of Direction (LOD) and Limited Power of Attorney (POA) accounts – we work with a group of IBs and CTAs who have been given authority by the customer to place trades in their accounts for them.

  • Allocation accounts – we manage allocation accounts on instruction by Account Managers to assign trades to the various accounts under their strategy

  • Leader-Follower accounts – these are accounts whereby the customer (follower) has chosen to mimic trades made by an established trader who has proven successful in the past (leader).

  • Execution and give up accounts – we provide access to global markets and allow clients to execute through our trading routes while giving up clearing services to partner FCMs and foreign brokerage firms.

Access to Global Markets

We offer a large selection of trading platforms including CQG, Rithmic and CTS, and access to global markets through the PhillipCapital Group and carry brokers, more than 20 exchanges across the US, Europe and Asia.

North America

  • CME
  • CBOT
  • ICE US
  • NFX
  • CFE


  • ICE EU


  • SGX
  • ICE SG
  • JPX (OSE, TSE)
  • HKEx
  • TFEX
  • ICDX
  • MCX
  • NSE
  • BSE
  • IEX
  • KRX

Middle East

  • Borsa Istanbul
  • DGCX
  • DME

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